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Why choose Moctezuma’s?Why choose Moctezuma’s?

What is the Moctezuma River?What is the Moctezuma River?

The Moctezuma arises in the Zimapán Dam, this reservoir is formed by the Tula and San Juan Rivers which join in the reservoir to form the Moctezuma River later downstream of the dam. The Zimapán Dam ,is a hydroelectric dam about 15 km southwest of the town of Zimapán. At Tamazunchale it receives the Amajac River.

What makes Moctezuma’s The hottest dish in town?What makes Moctezuma’s The hottest dish in town?

The walls are a beautifully polished plank wood, and the lighting and music creates the perfect atmosphere. " -- hottest dishes in town. "Every sit-down Mexican restaurant offers fajitas, of course, but Moctezuma’s turns its fajitas into a flaming affair for a mere two [dollars] more.