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Why choose Chapal?

What is a Chapal leather jacket?

  • Chapal are a old, high-quality French producer of leather jackets and coats. They make a few things that won’t be to readers’ tastes (T-shirts, painted chairs) but it’s worth turning a blind eye to that and focusing on the... Chapal leather jackets, France – Permanent Style Menu Left Column About Permanent Style About Simon Crompton Contact us

Why Chapal Crocq?

  • Years after years, Chapal has strived for perfection with the help of its two-hundred years old savoir-faire. Everyday in Crocq, dozens of magic hands — tanners, dyers, cutters, tailors — repeat these timeless gestures and pass them on to the new generation, revealing an exceptional know-how deeply rooted in the French Couture.

Where is Chapal collection made?

  • Just a quick sign to share with all readers : CHAPAL collection is now entirely created and produced in France, near Limoges where the ancient factory was born in 1832. All the pieces you can order and find in our website come from our traditional production unit which can offer bepoke itmes too.