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Who owns Britt Costa Rica?

Is Britt good coffee?

Perhaps the most recognizable coffee brand in Costa Rica, Britt is a regular on the shelves of all stores in Costa Rica. ... And for good reason, Britt makes high-quality coffee in a variety of blends and roasts.Sep 26, 2018

Where are Britt chocolates made?

Thirty years have gone by, and now we're producing our own gourmet chocolates in both Costa Rica and Peru. We'll also buy from Ecuador as our product line expands.

What is the best coffee to bring back from Costa Rica?

Volcanica Coffee's Costa Rica Peaberry variety is some of the best coffee from Costa Rica. These richly flavored whole beans are consistently medium-roasted and brew without bitterness. Even better, they have a tasty, berry-like aroma and flavor that's sure to impress your taste buds.Jan 6, 2022

Is Costa Rica coffee good?

Costa Rica is known for its top-quality coffee with great versatility, resulting from its ideal terrain and growing conditions (1). With its volcanic soil, high altitudes, and good climate, the coffee here is high quality with good acidity.

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Why does coffee grow so well in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica grows Arabica bean; for this type of bean to grow well, it needs warm temperatures and a high altitude. ... Additionally, the soil of these mountains is rich in volcanic ash which acts as a fertilizer meaning that coffee beans absolutely thrive in the landscapes of the Costa Rican mountains.Sep 7, 2020


How much does a cup of coffee cost in Costa Rica?

That really depends on the coffee you want to purchase. Some varieties go for as little as US$ 2.50 (some might even be less) while others can cost you US$15.


What is special about Costa Rican coffee?

Costa Rica has only two seasons: dry and a rainy season, both of which provide ideal coffee growing climates. ... All of these factors affect the aroma, body, flavor, and acidity of the coffee we produce. The soil is enriched by volcanic ash, which oxygenates the beans, giving them richer flavors.


What does Costa Rican coffee taste like?

What Does Costa Rican Coffee Taste Like? Coffee from Costa Rica can be quite diverse, but the country's coffee is well-known on a general level for its lively acidity, lighter body, and smooth, sweet, floral flavors.Apr 26, 2018


Are Britt chocolates gluten free?

Cafe Britt Chocolates Dark Chocolate-covered Tropical Fruit(4 Pack)(Guava, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Pineapple) (6 oz) Gourmet Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free,No Artificial Ingredients,No Trans Fat.


Is coffee expensive in Costa Rica?

Coffee. It helps that Costa Rica produces only high quality Arabica coffee so the price of a 12 ounce bag isn't very expensive. Our favorite, 1820 is less than $3 per 12 ounce bag and even the most expensive brand, Cafe Britt and other specialty brands run on average $8-$10 a bag.Aug 19, 2015


Does Starbucks use Costa Rican coffee?

Costa Rican coffee has been a part of Starbucks core offerings since it opened its doors in 1971, most recently a limited-edition offering of Hacienda Alsacia single-origin packaged coffee for customers around the world.Mar 7, 2018


Where is the best coffee grown in Costa Rica?

Terrazu. Terrazu is largely considered to produce the best coffee in all of Costa Rica. It is also the largest growing region in the country, and consistently produces some of the world's highest quality coffee crops. This small region in the center of Costa Rica sits approximately 1,200 to 1,900 meters above sea level ...Dec 14, 2016


Where is Cafe Britt located?

  • Cafe Britt in Costa Rica. Founded in Costa Rica, our company has been a leader in the gourmet coffee industry here since the start. More importantly, we have done so while supporting Costa Rican coffee farmers. Our commitment to fair trade and sustainable business practices is what makes Café Britt thrive.


Why choose Cafe Britt?

  • Cafe Britt roasts and delivers the highest quality coffee and espresso found in Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru. FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE. To tell the story of coffee, Café Britt sources beans from vigorous growing regions that best express the raw character of their terrain.


Does Café Britt ship internationally?

  • Most of Café Britt's customers have one thing in common: a visit to Costa Rica. Since the 1990s, we've been giving people worldwide a taste of our country by shipping Costa Rican gourmet products internationally. Currently, we offer free shipping on all orders to the Continental US.


Where can I find gourmet coffee in Costa Rica?

  • Select from the product categories and discover a world full or exquisite gourmet flavor. If you are lucky enough to have visited Costa Rica, Café Britt will be a familiar name. As Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee for over 30 years, we’re found throughout the country at hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, coffee shops, and more.