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Who is Patros?

What does Patros look like?

  • Patros (パトラス, Patorasu) is an Arrancar who rebels against Sōsuke Aizen and plans to dethrone him. Patros is recognizable by his slicked back blue hair, a thin mustache, and notably sunken pink eyes.

What color is Patros'reiatsu?

  • His Reiatsu is yellow. Hierro: Patros' skin was strong enough to punch away Renji's Shikai, albeit it left some minor damage afterward. Enhanced Strength: Patros was deceptively strong, able to easily catch Renji's Shikai barehanded.

What is the meaning of the name Pathros?

  • path'-ros (pathros; Egyptian Pata resii, the "South land"; Septuagint ge Pathoures): The Hebrew form of the Egyptian name for Upper Egypt (Isaiah 11:11Jeremiah 44:1, 15Ezekiel 29:14; Ezekiel 30:14). Strong's Hebrew H6624: Pathros