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Which is the best area to stay in Tenerife, Spain?

How expensive is Tenerife?

  • Is Tenerife an expensive island? Prices of basic products in Tenerife are lower than in United States. You have to pay 1.26 times less for shopping in Tenerife than in United States. The average accommodation cost in Tenerife range from: 32 USD (28 EUR) in hostel to 102 USD (90 EUR) in 3 star hotel.

Where to stay in Tenerife?

  • You'll be staying for 4 nights in the stunning 5* Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife with half board. The package also includes flights, complimentary cocktails, and spa access. Some dates offer a free child stay, which means you can get away from £328* per person ...

What is it like to visit Tenerife?

  • - Tenerife is a year-round destination - Bars, restaurants and attractions don't close up for winter - Winter is actually a busy time in Tenerife and the Canary Islands in general - The south of the island is warmer than the north