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Where is Valle de Bravo located?Where is Valle de Bravo located?

What are the best bars and clubs in Valle de Bravo?What are the best bars and clubs in Valle de Bravo?

You can find bars like Camelia, Naha, Enebro, Sheep Bar, La Escala, Bar de los Artistas, La Casona Terraza Bar. Clubs like Mango, Pachanga, Morrison's, Pila Seca, El Relampago and Santo y Seña but the two most attractive are located in the middle of the lake of Valle de Bravo.

Why invest in Valle de Bravo?Why invest in Valle de Bravo?

The Valle de Bravo area attracts more than 3,751,822 persons annually, who contribute more than 2,617 million pesos annually to the municipality's economy, making it the key sector to municipal development. 60% of the municipality's jobs are generated through tourism.

What crops are grown in Valle de Bravo?What crops are grown in Valle de Bravo?

Outside of the town of Valle de Bravo, agriculture is still intensively practiced, growing crops like corn, beans, potatoes, peas, fava biena, tomatoes onions and other vegetable and some other grains. Most crops are produced for autoconsumption but some, like potatoes and peas are grown for commercial purposes.