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Where is the Coliseo in Mexico City?

What is Arena Coliseo known for?

  • Over the years Arena Coliseo has hosted a number of significant events, especially a large number of EMLL/CMLL events have taken place in Arena Colise, including a number of CMLL Anniversary shows, shows celebrating the anniversary of Arena Coliseo and shows headlined by major, important matches.

What is the history of Arena México?

  • The building was completed in 1943, built by Salvador Lutteroth, founder and owner of CMLL and served as the main venue for CMLL from 1943 until 1953 when Arena México was completed and became the main venue for Lutteroth's promotion. It has a seating capacity of 5,250 when configured for professional wrestling or boxing events.

What is the history of Monday Night boxing at Arena Coliseo?

  • Arena Coliseo hosted its first boxing event only a month after opening, taking place on May 1, 1943. The event started a tradition of Monday night boxing event at Arena Coliseo that would remain long after Arena Mexico had taken over as CMLL's main venue.