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Where is Nuevo Vallarta located?

Why stay at the Hotel RIU Jalisco Vallarta?

  • This all-inclusive hotel in Vallarta, Mexico offers you a wide array of options in its spacious facilities so that you can enjoy RIU Hotels & Resorts' exclusive service. All of the rooms at the Hotel Riu Jalisco are perfectly equipped to offer you all the amenities you could want.

Are You allowed to go to the Riu Palace?

  • You are not allowed at the Riu Palace, when is further down the beach. NOTE: both have rules on Spring Breakers. So go to Riu web site and read. So many per room, and age requirement to book. Clubs are in Puerto Vallarta, about 1/2 cab ride,,depends on traffic.

What is the difference between Vallarta and Jalisco?

  • They are similar but the Vallarta known to be a little better with some however preferring the Jalisco. Not helping. One thing, they are a short walk from each other. Guests at the Vallarta can also use the Jalisco bar ands buffets. Not the a la cartes though.