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Where is Laponia on the map?Where is Laponia on the map?

How did Paonia get its name?How did Paonia get its name?

The town was officially incorporated in 1902 and had its first election in July of that year. The peony roots that Samuel Wade brought with him to Colorado in 1881 inspired him to submit the Latin name for peony, Paeonia, as a town name. The post office wouldn't allow the extra vowel, so "Paeonia" became "Paonia".

What is Paonia TN known for?What is Paonia TN known for?

The area around Paonia is known for its orchards which produce peaches, apples, cherries, pears, and plums. In addition, several vineyards and wineries have been established in the area, and are some of the highest wineries in North America.

What's happening in Paonia?What's happening in Paonia?

Many "New Agers" and members of the psychedelic community continue to reside in and around Paonia, which was the boyhood home of one of the voices and key figures of "ecstatic state" knowledge, Terence McKenna . The Paradise Theater in downtown Paonia hosts a biennial film festival.