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Where is Generala most popular?Where is Generala most popular?

What happened to La Generala?What happened to La Generala?

Back in the theatre, La generala was soon added to the repertory of the Teatro de la Zarzuela when it reopened in 1913 after its destruction by fire in 1909. It reappeared there from time to time during the following two decades, as well as at the Teatro de Apolo and other Madrid theatres.

Who were the librettists of La Generala?Who were the librettists of La Generala?

The librettists of La generala were both Vives’s elders by some years. Guillermo Perrín y Vico was born in Málaga on 16 November 1857 and died in Madrid on 8 December 1923.

How does La Generala compare to other Viennese operettas?How does La Generala compare to other Viennese operettas?

Overall the book of La generala is stronger than those of many Viennese operettas, the musical score less extensive but vocally more demanding. The music itself bears little specific sign of Viennese influence.