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Where is Ciudad Valles located?

Where can I rent a car in Ciudad Valles?

  • Mision Ciudad Valles (at Carretera Nacional Mexico-Laredo No. 15 Zona Centro in Ciudad Valles) We search over 500 approved car hire suppliers to find you the very best Ciudad Valles rental prices available.

What is the weather like in Ciudad Valles?

  • Ciudad Valles has a humid tropical climate. During the summer from April to October, Ciudad Valles experiences high temperatures. The all time high temperature is 48.5 °C (119.3 °F) along with a consistent humidity.

What to do in Valles de Hidalgo?

  • As for the attractions it offers, there is the Hidalgo Garden and its Alameda, as well as its Luis Donaldo Colosio Park, from where you can see the river Valles.

What is the capital of San Luis Potosí?

  • Ciudad Valles is the second-largest city in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. It is located in the eastern part of the state ( 21°59′00″N 99°1′0″W ), in the cultural region of Huasteca. The city is also the municipal seat of the surrounding municipality of the same name. The city had a 2014 census population of 176,935.

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What connects San Luis Potosí with Tampico?

  • Ciudad Valles connects San Luis Potosí with Tampico. Both cities are politically and economically interrelated with Ciudad Valles. Ciudad Valles is one of Mexico's most popular destinations for tourists. These waterfalls are known for their steep falls in the middle of hills surrounded by vegetation.


What is the highest waterfall in San Luis Potosi?

  • Tamul waterfall. From the town of Tanchachín, the Tamul Waterfall, 21.801°N 99.180°W, is about two hours by boat. With a 105-meter (344-foot) drop, it is the highest waterfall in the state of San Luis Potosi and one of the most beautiful in Mexico, for its height and its famously crystalline torquoise water.