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What to eat in Bacalar Mexico?

What is the town of Bacalar like?

  • B acalar is a beautiful town set upon the edge of a multicolored lake that is the second largest fresh water lake in Mexico. Set slightly off the well-beaten tourist path, Bacalar is quieter and less developed than other destinations in the region. There is a small, traditional town center, hotels and houses along the edge...

Which is the best Bacalar in Mexico?

  • Mi Burrito Bacalar “Mi Burrito Bacalar, passionate people...” 7. Ixchel Bacalar “Lovely breakfast spot, great food and...” 8. Selva 9. Nixtamal “... cuts of steak all tasting different...” “I had the filet mignon which was very t...” 10. Barbanegra Bacalar “... I've had since arriving in Mexico .” “Best tacos in town!! Excellent” 11. Bote de Leche

How to get to Laguna de Bacalar?

  • Whatever method you choose, it’s well worth the effort, because Laguna de Bacalar is a truly memorable spot. The easiest way to Bacalar is by renting a car in Mexico and driving yourself to Bacalar.