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What is Valle de Bravo known for?

Is the drive from Mexico City to Valle de Bravo safe?

Wondering about Valle de Bravo safety? It's among the safest cities in Mexico, and the drive to get there is also safe, but you'll want to do it during the day.2 days ago

What should I bring to Valle de Bravo?

Pack good running shoes and socks and your camera phone for the sunset views ;) When the sun sets, temperatures drop and the night air in Valle de Bravo can be quite chilly. Pack and wear layers! A sweater, fleece, sweatshirt, pashmina, or light jacket is a great option.Apr 9, 2018

Can you swim in Lake avandaro?

Lake Avandaro is a large water basin enclosed by the picturesque green hills of the Mexican countryside. ... Select from a range of boats and Jet Skis to take out on the water. Sunbathe on the shore with friends and family and cool down with a swim in the lake. Consider water-skiing, sailing and fishing here.