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What is the meaning of devolve?

What is the difference between devolving from and devolving into?

  • When something comes into a present state by flowing down from a source, either literally or figuratively, we say "devolve from," as in "customs that devolve from old beliefs." And when the devolving is a downward evolution to a lower state we say "devolves into" (or sometimes "devolves to"), as in "order devolves into chaos."

How many civil servants work for a devolved administration?

  • In addition, restructures also mean that staff who previously worked for non-civil service agencies now work for the devolved administrations.*** Overall, around 10% of the UK’s 430,000 civil servants work for a devolved administration. The UK Government also employs considerable numbers of civil servants in the devolved nations.

How has devolution affected the UK workforce?

  • In both cases, the overall workforce has grown substantially since devolution in 1999. This is partly because the devolved administrations found themselves needing workforces with different skills from the ones they inherited.