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What is Ro?What is Ro?

What is RORO the patient company?What is RORO the patient company?

Ro - The Patient Company. Ro is a patient-driven telehealth company that aims to be the patient’s first call for all of their healthcare needs. Using technology, Ro empowers physicians to provide high-quality, affordable care when and where patients need it most.

When was the first RO system used in the US?When was the first RO system used in the US?

In 1977 Cape Coral, Florida became the first municipality in the United States to use the RO process on a large scale with an initial operating capacity of 11,356 m³ (3 million gallons) per day.

What is the structure of a RO membrane?What is the structure of a RO membrane?

The membrane consists of a skin about 0.25 microns and a support layer about 100 microns. The skin is the active barrier and primarily allows water to pass through. Two types of RO construction are commonly used: 1. spiral wound ---sheets of membrane sandwiched with mesh spacers are connected and wound around a permeate tube; and 2. hollow fiber.