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What is Manadas known for?

What is the population of Manadas?

  • Manadas, once locally known as Santa Bárbara, is a civil parish in the municipality of Velas in the Azores. The population in 2011 was 374, in an area of 11.20 km 2. The parochial Church of Santa Bárbara, located on the southern coast.

What is the Manadas lookout?

  • Years later, the area of Manadas was the location of the Fort of Urzelina, which was used to protect the area. During the Orange Cycle (the economic period where local farmers produced citrus fruits for export) the lookout was used to warn of the arrival of cargo ships, and alerting them to have their produce in port for shipment.

What is the significance of the port of Manadas?

  • The Port of Manadas was marked by a lookout's hut, constructed in 1647, to monitor shipping the São Jorge Channel. During the era of piracy, the locals would hang supposed pirates from this vantage point, as a warning to pirates or privateers of the consequences of attacking the village/municipality.