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What is Levi's Stadium?

How do I get assistance getting into Levi’s stadium?

  • Disability Services: If you need assistance from Levi’s® Stadium platform into Levi’s® Stadium please contact the Levi’s® Stadium Mobility Assistance Team: 1-408-579-4610 or email to schedule a shuttle ride from the platform to the gate entry. Levi's® Stadium Maps, Stadium, Parking, Premium Club, Tailgating, Concessions, Fanwalk

How does Levi’s stadium rank among NFL stadiums?

  • Levi’s Stadium was ranked #28 for atmosphere, #16 for food, and #8 for bathrooms. 49ers fans can browse the full Levi’s Stadium Stadium Guide or check out how other NFL stadiums measured up on our NFL Stadium Guide page.

Is a generational slip emerging over acceptance of Levi's Stadium?

  • "Generational slip may be emerging over acceptance of Levi's Stadium". San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved December 24, 2015. ^ Corkran, Steve (October 5, 2014). "Heat takes a toll on 49ers fans at Levi's Stadium". The Mercury News.