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What is Kanaloa in Hawaiian?

What is the relationship between Kanaloa and Kāne?

  • Hawaiian traditions describe Kanaloa as a companion of Kāne, describing them as complementary powers. Kanaloa is known as Kāne ’s traveling partner. Kanaloa is said to be tall with a fair-skinned complexion. Kāne is darker, with curly hair and thick lips. These two gods are well known as ʻawa drinkers and for establishing sources of water.

Is Kanaloa a cephalopod?

  • Kanaloa is also traditionally depicted as an ocean god, hence his association with seamanship, or cephalopods. However, there are also interpretations that see Kanaloa as subordinate to Kāne. Kanaloa is also considered to be the god of the Underworld and a teacher of magic.

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