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What is Cairns Australia known for?

Is Cairns Australia a good place to live?

But for some, Cairns is the perfect place to relocate. This tropical, relaxed hub in Queensland is a popular tourist destination from April to November, thanks to its stunning amenities and exceptional location. ... It is no surprise, therefore, that many people view Cairns as a desirable place to live.

Is Cairns safe to visit?

Cairns has a relatively low crime rate, but it is not free of dangers from the natural world. The wilderness can be dangerous and even deadly if you're not careful.Feb 9, 2017

What is the best month to visit Cairns?

The best time to visit Cairns is during the months of April and May or September and October. At this time, tourist crowds are low and flights and lodging rates are less expensive, but you may encounter some wet weather.Nov 2, 2021

Can you swim in the ocean in Cairns?

Yes, you can swim in the oceans at Cairns, but it is considered dangerous, especially from November to May. This is due to the presence of jellyfish and many other kinds of insects and organisms which might sting you. Stingers can be very harmful, and stings hurt a lot as they inject venom into your body.

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Are there crocodiles in Cairns?

Croc sightings are not unusual in the Cairns Lagoon. During the busy summer months, croc sightings in and around the Cairns area can be almost daily. Luckily this croc isn't anything to fear this time!Dec 8, 2021


Is Cairns cold in winter?

Winter in Cairns brings slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity, making it the peak tourist season. Average temperatures range from 17.5 - 26°C (63.5 - 78.8°F) and there is low rainfall. In spring average temperatures range from 20.5 – 29°C (68.9 - 84.2°F).


Are people in Cairns friendly?

Cairns has some beautiful rain forest and beaches, the locals are really laid back and friendly for the most part.


How much does it cost to live in Cairns?

Cost-of-living estimates for Cairns come in around $1500-$2100 monthly*, far lower than capital cities and on par with other major regional centres.


Do you have to wear masks in Cairns?

Yes, you must wear a face mask when you are in indoor and outdoor spaces and can't physically distance from others. These rules also apply for weddings and funerals.5 days ago


Does it snow in Cairns Australia?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, February, March, April and December. ... On average, February is the wettest month with 482.0 mm (18.98 inch) of precipitation.


Is Cairns safe to walk around at night?

It is safe to walk as long as you are not too far from the CBD. Restaurants are open til late on the Esplanade and Abbott street. The rest close around 9.


Does it rain a lot in Cairns?

Cairns has a Tropical climate, with generally hot and humid Summers and milder dryer Winters. The average annual rainfall is 1992mm on an average 154 days. The majority of Cairn's rainfall occurs during summer between January and March.


Is there malaria in Cairns?

Cairns has a tropical climate with lush rainforests, mangroves and high rainfall, which create ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and biting midges. More than 220 mosquito species can be found in Queensland, and many of these are carriers of diseases such as Malaria, Ross River Fever and Dengue Fever.Oct 14, 2021


Is it warm enough to swim in Cairns in July?

Cairns is beautiful in July with temperatures hovering in the mid-twenties and the water temperatures hovering between 22 and 25 degrees, Cairns should not be too hot or cold for anyone.Jun 5, 2017