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What is a bunker?What is a bunker?

What is the movie The bunker about?What is the movie The bunker about?

The Bunker (1981 film) The film, directed by George Schaefer and adapted for the screen by John Gay, is a dramatisation depicting the events surrounding Adolf Hitler's last weeks in and around his underground bunker in Berlin before and during the Battle of Berlin. The film stars Anthony Hopkins as Hitler, plus an all star cast including Richard...

What happens at the end of the bunker?What happens at the end of the bunker?

The film ends as groups of survivors are leaving the bunker complex of the Reich Chancellery. The final scene depicts the bunker's mechanic and final occupant, Hentschel, listening to a radio announcement that Hitler has died fighting.

How did they get to the Fuhrerbunker in the bunker?How did they get to the Fuhrerbunker in the bunker?

The film opens in 1945, with American correspondent James O'Donnell ( James Naughton) gaining entry to the Führerbunker by bribing a Soviet sentry with a packet of cigarettes. The film then tells the story of the occupants of the bunker January and May 1945 as an extended flashback.