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What does Xiang Gong mean?

How do you say shut up in Hong Kong?

收聲。 Shut up. gam2 jau6 dim2 aa3.

What is Kuai in Chinese?

kuài. rapid quick speed rate soon almost to make haste clever sharp (of knives or wits) forthright plainspoken gratified pleased pleasant. Example Usage Strokes Grammar notes.

What is Shu Guan in English?

tu shu guan : library, CL:家... : tú shū guǎn | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

What does Lo fan mean in Chinese?

Lo Fan is a term the Chinese used to refer to Americans meant as (Barbarian) due to the lack of patience and discipline. —

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What does gwai mean in Cantonese?

Gwai is one of the term of various terms to refer to a white foreigner that is considered controversial and potentially offensive; other Cantonese term exists when referring to foreigners, a list of which is given below: gwaijai (鬼仔; Cantonese Yale: gwáijái; lit. 'ghost boy') for Caucasian boy.


What does Fu Wu Yuan mean?

fú wù yuán. waiter waitress attendant customer service personnel CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4] Example Usage.


How do you say Quiet in Cantonese?

Be quiet. ngo5 sek3 saai3 nei5.Mar 17, 2017


What is GUAI in Chinese?

guāi. (of a child) obedient, well-behaved clever shrewd alert perverse contrary to reason irregular abnormal.


What is Liu Mang mean?

Literally, the two characters “liu-mang” (流氓) in Chinese refer to a floating population. In the contemporary Chinese linguistic, socio-political and cultural context, however, the word is usually understood to refer to a marginal and dangerous social group.


What does dai lo mean in Cantonese?

Noun. 大佬 (Cantonese) elder brother; big brother.


What is a Furen?

fù rèn. to travel to take up a new post. 夫人