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How to enable your mic?

How do you enable mic?

  • Download and install the Audio Interface drivers to the Zoom Rooms PC/Mac
  • Connect the Audio Interface to power and to the Zoom Rooms PC/Mac via USB
  • Connect the required number of XLR microphones to the Audio Interface

How to test mic on Windows 10?

  • To start the Run window,press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.
  • Type "control/name Microsoft.Sound" in the Run box and click "OK."
  • Go to the "Recording" tab and choose the microphone that you want to test on Windows 10 after the Windows sound settings appear.
  • Click the "Configure" button and then click "OK."

Why is my mic not working after Windows 10?

  • Press the buttons “Windows+I” to launch settings.
  • Click on “Update&Security”&then “Troubleshoot”.
  • Here we have three different audio-related troubleshooting options: playing audio,recording audio,and speech. ...
  • After that,just follow the displayed on-screen instructions until your PC is repaired.