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How much does an African Safari cost?

Where to go hunting safari in Africa?

  • Complete your Life Time dream of a Hunting Safari in Africa. I am a small personalized African Hunting Outfitter in the Eastern Cape midlands in Bedford, South Africa. The Eastern Cape is one of the safest areas to hunt in Africa. I have been a Guide and Outfitter for 25 years.

Why use an agent to book Your African safari?

  • Using an agent gives you a single ‘all-inclusive’ price. Your agent will have access to room availability, special deals and other factors that allow him or her to create an entire itinerary – including international flights – with one cost so there are no ‘surprises’. One of the most cost-effective ways of seeing Africa is to do an overland trip.

What is the best way to go on an Safari?

  • Most camps and lodges offer morning and evening safari drives. At the very top-end places these will be conducted in custom-made luxury safari jeeps. At the opposite end of the spectrum come the pop-top minibuses used by many budget safari companies. Be careful with these.