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How do I get to Epecuén?

What happened to Epecuén?

  • Epecuén, Argentina, recently experienced such a multi-year swing. In the 1920s, a resort town boomed on the shore of Lake Epecuén. The lake is salty, and people found that soaking in its waters seemed to have a restorative effect. Tourists flocked to the spa town for decades until the climate began to get wetter in...

What does Villa Epecuén mean?

  • Villa Epecuén was a tourist village in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, on the eastern shore of Laguna Epecuén, about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) north of the city of Carhué. Developed in the early 1920s, Epecuén was accessible from Buenos Aires by train. The Sarmiento Railway line served Villa Epecuén station,...

What is Epecuén like to visit?

  • Built around the salty waters of Epecuén Lake, the town thrived off of the many people who yearned for the water’s therapeutic effects. Located some 370 miles away from the city of Buenos Aires, next to the border with La Pampa, it rapidly became one of the trendiest destinations in the country and was especially popular among the rich and famous.