Lugares del mundo

Do conversion vans Park in the city?

What is the history of vans?

  • In 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened for business in Anaheim, CA. Since then, Vans has evolved beyond surf and skate sensibilities to draw influence from a Southern California culture that is as diverse as it is progressive.

What should I think about when building a van?

  • Think about how you intend to use your vehicle before starting a van build. If you have a job in the city and will be living out of your van, build a stealth camper. If you’re taking a long sabbatical from work, or planning to live off-grid for an extended period of time – build an adventure mobile.

Why is it illegal to Park a van on the street?

  • Most of the time these are local ordinances because neighborhoods have had problems with messy, aggressive, or just too many van dwellers taking over the streets. By following a few common tactics you can stealth camp comfortably, find legal areas to park, and avoid unwanted attention.