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Can you snorkel at Cabo Pulmo?

When can you see sea turtles in Cabo San Lucas?

From August through December, you can spot sea turtles nesting, see patrols scouting for nests to protect, and can even release the babies into the sea.Jun 25, 2019

Can you snorkel at Cabo Pulmo?

Experience a snorkeling tour like no other at Cabo Pulmo National Park, a jewel of Baja California and one of the most elaborate reefs in the world. This Cabo Pulmo snorkeling at its finest.

Is Los Cabos good for snorkeling?

If you want to get up close with some of Cabo's colorful undersea creatures, there are some really incredible spots to snorkel in Los Cabos. The beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez are home to an amazing variety of marine life.Sep 21, 2016

Can you swim with turtles in Cabo?

Cabo's most famous landmark, El Arco (Land's End Arch)where you can snorkel with sea lions. ... Luxury yacht cruise to Espiritu Santo Island for chances to snorkel and swim with fish, sea turtles, dolphins and sea lions.

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Can you snorkel Medano Beach?

1. Re: Is there snorkeling at Medano Beach? The beach is sandy all the way out to deep water so there isn't any place for fish to hide, eat, & live safely. You may see some little sand-colored fish so yes, you can snorkel.


Can you snorkel at Lovers Beach?

Snorkel at Lovers Beach for Calm Waters

Also known as Playa de Amore, Lovers Beach gives you a calming snorkel experience. For most seasons, the waters are safe and warm. It is a great spot to explore Cabo's marine life.
Oct 23, 2020


Can you snorkel in Cabo in March?

While colorful reef fish and sea turtles reside on Los Cabos waterbeds all year round, some species show up only in certain seasons. Anyways, you can go snorkeling in Los Cabos at any time of year, as long as cooler temperatures are not a deterrent.Aug 19, 2021


Where is Pelican beach Cabo?

Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas is one of the natural attractions that lies in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. A stunning rock formation that rises seemingly vertically from the water, this site is accessible only by boat.


Can you see sea turtles in Cabo?

The most popular sea turtles in Cabo San Lucas, such as Leatherbacks, Ridleys, and Hawksbills, are endangered species. So every year from July to December, you will definitely be able to observe the turtles nesting in Cabo San Lucas. ...Jul 27, 2021


Can you snorkel in Cabo in January?

I would not recommend snorkeling this time of year unless you wear a wet suit. Although I have been going to the Baja for 30+ years I have never found the water warm enough to swim in. You need to go in October- mid-high 80's, just like bathwater!


How do you get to Cabo Pulmo?

If you're staying in Los Cabos and want to do a day trip, a guided Cabo Pulmo tour – snorkeling, sea kayaking or scuba diving – is the best way to experience this natural wonderland. You don't have to worry about the drive and can just enjoy the day (which will be a long one, with an early start).Oct 13, 2021


Where does the Sea of Cortez begin?

Where is the Sea of Cortez? The Sea of Cortez (also commonly called the Gulf of California) is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean located between Mexico's Baja California Peninsula and the country's mainland.


Can You snorkel in Cabo San Lucas?

  • There is one designated snorkel spot in Cabo San Lucas marine reserve called Pelican Rock. It is beautiful and full of life. Boat traffic is not permitted to enter the snorkel area meaning you get to see the wildlife in safe and controlled conditions. You can even jump off the rock if you’re feeling brave! Snorkeling › Cabo San Lucas ›


Where to snorkel in Cabo?

  • - Santa Maria Beach - Monkey's Cave Bar (monkey business) - Sand n' Sea Tours & Transport - Playa del Amor


What to do in Los Cabos Mexico?

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