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Can I take a bus from Mexico to USA?

Where in Mexico does Greyhound go?

Greyhound, an American brand more than a century old, began bus service in Mexico on July 15. For the first time, Greyhound has begun bus service within Mexico. The new route, which launched on Wednesday, links the cities of Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo, and connects to cities in Texas too.Jul 16, 2015

Does Greyhound bus go to Mexico?

Greyhound Bus to Mexico City, Mexico State from $76.

How do I speak to someone at Greyhound?


Is there a train from Mexico to America?

Thousands of migrants ride atop the trains, known as La Bestia, or The Beast, during their long and perilous journey through Mexico to the U.S. There's a network of freight trains that runs the length of Mexico, from its southernmost border with Guatemala north to the United States. ... Some call it the Death Train.Jun 5, 2014

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Can I take a bus to Mexico right now?

Mexico has not imposed any legal restrictions on passengers or vehicles entering Mexico by land from the United States. ... We are hearing that American citizens are driving and walking into Mexico without hindrance.Oct 16, 2021


What documents do I need to travel to Mexico by bus?

Regulations for Entering Mexico on a Greyhound Bus

When returning to the U.S. by bus, Mexican citizens and foreign nationals need a passport and visa, a round-trip ticket and the address of where they will stay in the U.S. They'll also need to fill out Form I 94, available at the border.
Mar 15, 2018


How much is a bus ticket Mexico City?

Metrobus - Mexico City bus rapid transit system

Metrobus is a bus rapid transit system that runs 7 bus lines throughout the city. A single ticket costs Mex$6.


Can you take a bus across the border?

When you reach the U.S. border, all passengers need to get off the bus and collect all their belongings, including under the bus baggage. You and your baggage will then pass through security (just like at the airport). All unclaimed baggage will be removed by U.S. officials.


Can you poop on a Greyhound bus?

Can you poop on a Greyhound bus? Yes, Greyhound buses in the U.S. have on-board toilets. They have a holding tank with the traditional blue juice.