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Are certain taxis safe in Cozumel?

Can you get a taxi at the Cozumel airport?

  • Technically what you get at the airport is a shared van shuttle. To me they don't look much different than a taxi. That may cause the confusion. We think they are fine. About $12 per person. To get a real taxi, you have to walk off the grounds. The taxi back from Aura was $29 for the 2 of us.

How far is Xcaret from Cozumel?

  • The journey takes approximately 30 min. How far is it from Cozumel (Station) to Xcaret Park? It is approximately 19 km to get from Cozumel (Station) to Xcaret Park. How do I travel from Cozumel (Station) to Xcaret Park without a car?

Is Uber in Cozumel?

  • Neither rideshare company currently has an active footprint in Cozumel. Lyft and Uber in Cozumel will not be an option. If you need transportation options from the airport, you can find plenty of options available at, which is a TripAdvisor company.